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DIY Tutorial For Stamped Concrete |Stamping Instructions|

The instructions for stamping with silicone stamps from are very simple.

Everybody can do it.

First, we must select a favorite silicone stamp pattern. After, we need to choose the material (mixture) for stamping. We can choose indoors or outdoors tile adhesive or concrete mix plaster (like a flexible frost resistant mixture of C2TE tile adhesive, or similiar concrete mix).

How to use your silicone STAMP

  • Roll on primer on application substrate (if is necessary)
    Mix [wall tile adhesive (C2TE), plaster, or some kind of concrete mix plaster] with water. Use frost resistant tile adhesive if necessary. Rather add less water than more into. Mix it by hand or slow speed electric drill mixer. Leave the mix for 5-10 minutes and remix before use.
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Mix the concrete plaster with water

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