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Welcome to

Welcome to our internet store, which deals with sales and presentation of silicone stamps.

Would you like to create your own embossed, bricked, folded, cut or broken stone tile that can be painted exactly according to your taste?

Would you like to restore a wall, beautify fence or facade, create own color variations on the fireplace and save money?

If you answered YES at least once, is here for you.   

We are a small family handcraft company producing handmade silicone stamps for the production of crushed stones, ledgestones, stacked stones…. We strive to bring attractive and modern stamp patterns.

STAMPED CONCRETE created by own hands

We take care of precision, high quality, perfect design and 100% functionality of our handmade silicone stamps. For every single stamp we produce, we have a distinctive approach. We use high quality silicones for production, characterized by high elasticity and a high degree of preservation and copying of details. Every detail is important to us.

The high elasticity of our material ensures that it is almost impossible to shred, deform, or destroy the stamp produced by us in normal use.

Each of our patterns is carefully composed of handmade, sawn and machined segments, to achieve the unique original appearance of the resulting stamped concrete on wall, decorative pillars, fences, fireplaces, facades…etc

Make your own masterpiece in your living room, kitchen, staircase or corridor. Give a break to your fantasy and paint a unique embossed pattern exactly according to your imagination. A single-color, multicolored or toned tiling will revive your home and differentiate it from the stereotyped tile. Would you like something new, something extra, something yours … our silicone stamps is right for you.

Thanks to our silicone stamps for stamped concrete with attractive modern designs, you can create a modern, attractive tiling that will envy everyone and even save you 60% to 80% of your finances.

If you want stamps pattern – slate, folded stone, ledgestone, broken stone, brick, fissured stone, stone facing, and so on our attractive designs are right for you. – silicone stamps for stamped concrete

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